Center of hemodialysis 2 Mars

Work schedules :

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am to 20h

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6am to 16h

Our center

The Center of Hemodialysis 2 Mars is centrally located in the mean roadway of Casablanca, boulevard 2 Mars. Our center has a surface area of 600 m2, with 70 m2 of windows with a view to beautifully landscaped flower gardens which surrounded the dialysis rooms.

Our Center was designed by a team of top technicians, which made it possible to create a bright, spacious and well equipped place, in order to ensure the highest quality of care.

For us, every patient is different. Therefore, we offer services tailored to the lifestyle and specific needs of patients, in order to enable them to lead a normal life, play sports and go on holiday without compromising their treatment goal.