Center of hemodialysis 2 Mars

Work schedules :

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am to 20h

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6am to 16h

Knowledge and education

Our team members serve as "Editorial board" of numerous scientific journals and periodicals. We cited:

  • World Journal of Nephrology
  • Journal of Nephrology Research
  • Journal of Nephrology and Renal Therapy
  • Urology and Nephrology Open Access Journal
  • World Journal of Transplantation
  • Journal of Translational Internal Medicine
  • Hepatoma Research
  • Archives of Hepatitis Research
  • Clinical Reviews and Opinions
  • Journal of Infectious Diseases and Therapeutics
  • World Journal of Rheumatology
  • Peertechz Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology
  • Chinese Journal of Clinicians